About VNCC | 關於我們


Several Chinese families sat together at a picnic up at the Russian River around August 1948. They all agreed that they enjoyed the outing and each other’s company very much and would like to get together on a regular basis. So, from this humble beginning, the club was organized in November 1948.

In the beginning, meetings were held in member’s homes. Subsequently, they were held at various public places that were available for us.

In the early years, club activities were quite Chinese culture oriented. Parties featured skits with costumed performers portraying traditional Chinese family scenarios. There were traditional Chinese music and songs and children would perform ribbon dances and other acts in costumes. In those days, the club was much more family oriented. Families tend to have more children, and children’s performances were very much a part of the program in the parties. Nowadays, the club is more multicultural. We embrace a broader base of Asian and Pacific cultures.

To broaden the base of the club, membership was solicited all around the Vallejo area. Many members live in the neighboring communities in Solano County such as Napa, Benicia, Fairfield as well as other cities farther beyond. So to reflect the broader representation from beyond Vallejo, the name of the club was officially changed from Vallejo Community Center to Vallejo Napa Chinese Club some thirty or so years ago.

Among the club’s various activities, we also have anniversary celebrations, Christmas parties, Chinese New Year dinners, field trips, yearly memorial observances (Ching Ming) in which we visit the grave sites of our local Chinese ancestors and friends to pay our respects and place flowers and tidy up the individual grave site areas as needed.

At this time, we are making a concerted effort to enlist many new energetic members. To this end, we invite everyone to join us in attaining this goal and have lots of fun as we move forward to meet the challenges utilizing the internet, social media and other tools as well as utilizing good old-fashioned one to one communications.

VNCC Board of Directors